About Us

Reyes Framing

We have been in the business for four years serving clients around Virginia. At Reyes Framing, we do one job at a time because quality always comes first!

With our expertise in Framing  and Roofing, our business grew by word-of-mouth referrals and we have focused on providing excellent service since! Interior cleaning has become our next priority as our clients’ needs evolved in time.

We work closely with Matthew Jones, a licensed contractor, and a team of six skilled builders to help build and repair more homes in Virginia. 

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About Our Founder

Oscar Reyes has been in the industry for over fifteen years. Every job is a priority. He is passionate with what he does and always considers quality over quantity.

When not on-the-job, he enjoys spending time with his family – and friends at work! Beach is always a good idea-  grilling and cook-outs. He always values his time with them as much as he values his relationship with his clients.